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The name “Dehradun” conjures up images of rolling hills and lush vegetation; unpredictable weather, a view of Mussoorie and the famous Queen of Hills. Of course, the numerous lanes and Mohalla of Doonand roadside food stalls too. Dehradun is best known for its variety of cuisines, including Pahadi, North Indian and authentic Chinese and Tibetan fare. The famous street foods of Dehradun and the places to eat them with your friends and family are mentioned in the utmost detail. 

1. Momos

From traditional Nepali cuisine, momos are healthy snack recipes that are easy to make. It basically consists of steaming dumplings made of flour and stuffed with cabbage, carrot and spring onion. It is now a common street food in India, typically accompanied by spicy, red-colored and delicious fillings. 

The piping-hot and delectable Momos and a wide selection of soups at KC Restaurant are well-known. It is said that this little eatery is the oldest fast-food spot in Dehradun. Noodles, spring rolls, mutton and vegetable momos and a variety of soups are available. The delicious momos with a generous amount of filling inside and their hot tomato and chicken soups are their bestsellers and must-have dishes.

2. Bun Tikki

A very well-liked vegetarian burger recipe from Dehradun and North India is Bun Tikki. This straightforward aloo tikki burger has a lot of Bengal gram, which makes it crispy, nutty and fluffy. It tastes great on a sweet toasted bun. In the suburbs of Dehradun, it is very well evident that locals prefer Bun Tikkis to Burgers. 

There are numerous Bun Tikki Stalls scattered throughout Dehradun. Additionally, A Bun Tikki Wala at Dwarka Store Chowk is the most well-liked. You can experience the explosive flavor and aroma of the crispy tikkis with chutney, curd and onion that have been placed in two slices of buns for just Rs 20.

3. Maggi 

Maggi is nostalgia, not food. It brings back memories of youth. Think back to the time when, during the 20-minute lunch break at school, a dollop of cold Maggi would fall on your friend’s lunchbox. If you’re in Dehradun but haven’t been to Mussoorie, you’ll miss out on a great opportunity to enjoy your trip! On your way to Mussoorie, you’ll come across some roadside hawker centers that are referred to as Maggi Point. 

From the top of these Maggi points, you can see the hills and Dehradun city. Therefore, what are you waiting? Take a trip to the outskirts of the city, stop at these Maggi stalls, grab your camera and show off your photography skills while enjoying the piping hot and spicy Maggi at Maggi Points of Dehradun. 

4. Chaat

Chaat is a whole category of Indian street foods that offers a symphony of flavors and textures to the palate with its aromatic spices and tangy sauces. It is an unlimited group of foods. A plethora of chaat dishes that are influenced by India’s various regions has been developed as a result of the country’s extensive culinary diversity. 

They all have a similar combination of sweet, salty, crunchy, spicy and savory ingredients, despite their distinct appearance and flavor. Chaat and Gol Gappas are the specialties of Chaat Wali Gali. There are a lot of Chaat stalls lined up close to the clocktower and each one serves delicious chaat. You simply should not leave the market without having a Chaat here.

5. Dosa

A crisp, fluffy dosa topped with spiced potatoes and served with sambar and chutney is unquestionably the most satisfying meal for many Indians, particularly in South India. Many people believe that while any breakfast can fill you up, a good dosa can also satisfy your soul. The humble dosa, also known as an Indian crepe or pancake, has a significant influence on Indian cuisine.

Dosa, Idlis, Bada, Uttapam and other authentic South Indian dishes can be found in numerous well-known restaurants in Dehradun. Madrasi Dosa stands out among them all. A stall at Pared Ground is well-known for its authentic flavor and reasonable price. You’ll have to eat standing because it’s just a stall, but the taste is worth it even if you can’t sit comfortably.

6. Chhole Poori

If you’re looking for a full Saatvik Mata ke Bhandare wala khana, ChetanPooriWala at Hanuman Chowk is the place for you! Dehradun’s main Hanuman Chowk is where the shop is. You can get a full meal at Chetan Puri Wala, which includes Chhole, Aalu, Kaddu ki Meethi Sabzi, freshly fried and hot pooris. 

The wonderful thing is that you only have to pay for a plate and can request sabzis multiple times. Aalu sabji or Kadu sabzi can also be packed with your pooris. After tasting this authentic Indian poori bhaji, you can definitely share the stories about the cuisine.

7. Burger and Bread Roll

At The Buffet, you can find the best bread rolls and burgers in the city! A small fast food joint called Buffet Snacks Shop can be found on Rajpur Road, opposite Gandhi Park. It is a well-known fast food joint where you can get the best crispy burgers for as little as Rs 18. No, not joking at all! 

The fact that it can surpass other burgers is the most amazing feature. In addition to burgers, you can get coffee, bread rolls and various shakes for very little money. Of course, their Macdonald-level burgers, which are also cheap and fantastic shakes, particularly milkshakes and banana shakes, have earned them a lot of attention.

8. Falooda Kulfi

Falooda with kulfi, India’s version of an ice cream sundae, is a common summertime treat throughout the subcontinent, particularly in the north. The most popular cold dish here must be this milkshake with rose syrup, kalonji seeds, vermicelli and delicious Indian ice cream, or kulfi. Kumar Sweets is a must-try if you enjoy sweets and are looking for some popular Falooda spots in the city! 

Paan wali mithai, Rasmalai and Falooda Kulfi are their summertime bestsellers! One of Dehradun City’s best and most well-known ice cream parlors is Gaylord Ice Cream Parlor. The best ice creams are chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch and special cold coffee with ice cream.

9. Chowmein 

Bobby’s fast food joint is next to Gandhi Park and across from Orient Cinema. The soups, Chicken Momosand freshly prepared chowmein at the food court are well-known. The mouthwatering flavor of Amul Butter-topped Chicken Soup is bound to remain in your memory. Moreover, the other bestsellers are Gravy Manchurian, Momos, and Kababsand Gravy Rolls are among the stall’s most popular offerings. 

Even though it has lost its identity once more, you can still find it a few steps ahead of the main Kishan Nagar Chowk. The rush begins when the shop opens in the evening. Your order can undoubtedly take some time to arrive, but its total value can be worth it. Gravy Roll and Gravy Manchurian are highly recommended.

10. Pakode

Bread pakora is a popular grab-and-go snack for residents and visitors of Dehradun. It is a vegetarian sandwich that has been dipped in batter, deep-fried until golden and served hot with chutney. A mouthwatering pakora served hot from the kadhai with chutney can’t be denied.  

Lakshman Mathur Pakodas in Dehradun is the place to go if you want to eat Rajasthani food with amazing Samosas, Bread Pakoras, Jalebis and 8 different kinds of pakoras! Not only is the taste something to remember for ages but also it’s fun to watch them make your food right in front of you. Since the stall is a cart, you can’t ask for seating and the atmosphere is clearly not the focus, the pakoras are bound to make you satiated. 

Dehradun welcomes you to experience a mouthwatering journey with spices and flavors loaded in every street. As you taste each delicacy, know that Treebo hotels are sure to host you with comfortable beds and world-class service.

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In Dehradun, you can find local food carts all over the place and expect a valuable service even if you are on a tight budget or have a limited time frame. 


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