Choosing your next travel destination based on your favourite watersport is an inspired idea, one that enhances both the experience of a getaway and the enjoyment of your favourite activity. Some will choose to find the best shorelines, those with clear waters and regular breaks, while others will want to experience remote lakes, those that are secluded and pristine. 

No matter what your watersport or intention, there are a number of great US cities to visit, with some being internationally recognized for their landscapes and bodies of water. So, if you’re planning your next watersport adventure, here are six of the best destinations to choose.

Jacksonville, Florida

There are a number of cities in Florida that might claim to be the surf capital but Jacksonville most frequently takes the crown. It is home to the Red Bull Night Riders competition and has a number of pristine beaches with clear waters and golden sands. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to find your feet on the water, surfing or paddleboarding, or an expert that wants to enjoy some of the best waves on the East coast, you’re certain to be happy here.

Sitka, Alaska

Sitka is a city known for its stunning landscapes and immense waters, as well as the whales that frequent them, with a number of adventurers travelling to Sitka Sound to kayak and paddleboard their way around. There are a number of classes that offer to escort watersports enthusiasts across the water and a number will arrange classes to coincide with breaching patterns too, making for an unforgettable experience. As if the mountains weren’t enough!

Seattle, Washington

One of the advantages a city like Seattle has over other destinations is the variety of water it has available. There are a number of extensive shores and a great variety of lakes to choose from, all of which ensure it’s a great city for watersports. This variety also means that the city accommodates a number of different watersports too, from boating and diving to surfing and paddleboarding.

Jackson, Wyoming

The infamous Jackson Hole Valley draws in a great number of tourists throughout the year, with winter periods attracting those who wish to ski, and the summer appealing to those who want to kayak and SUP. During the summer, Jackson Hole’s lakes and rivers are made fresh with the melted snow from the mountains, giving them a clear and beautiful aesthetic, while also making them incredible to adventure across too.

Santa Barbara, California

Being much quieter than Malibu and Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is the perfect place for watersports enthusiasts who want to enjoy the state’s golden sands and stunning waterfalls without the footfall and noise that can hinder a pleasant experience elsewhere in California during the summer. And, with the wonderful architecture and vast backdrops, Santa Barbara has its own charm too, one that ensures a great number of visitors fall in love with the city.