IELTS is an English test that tests a person’s proficiency in the English language. It is internationally recognized which helps the educational institutes to compare various students from all over the world by creating a uniform platform; therefore it is referred to as the A1 English Test Booking

Contents of the IELTS EXAM-

The exam duration is of 3 hours in total which is divided mainly into four parts are Listening, Writing, Reading, and speaking skills. These four are the basic fundamental skills which one should poses.

  • Listening- This section is of the 30 minutes of the total duration of the test. In this, there are four recordings that the candidate has to hear and answer a few questions asked based on the recordings.
  • Reading- This section is of 60 minutes of the total duration of the test. In this, the candidate has to answer 40 questions after reading the extract given. The candidate has to answer questions like the author’s opinion, the objective, etc.
  • Writing- This section constitutes 60 minutes of the total duration of the test. In this, the candidate has to complete 2 questions given and cover the general idea of the module chosen whether Academic or General training module.
  • Speaking- This section constitutes of 11-14 minutes of the total duration of the test. In this, the candidate has to go through 3 sections which are Introduction and Interview, Long turn and discussions.

Scoring Criteria-

There are no criteria for passing the exam. The scores range from 0-9 where 0 is the candidate has not given the test whereas 9 depicts that the candidate is fluent in English speaking and has a complete understanding. IELTS scores are generally required to get into foreign educational institutes for higher education. The top universities generally expect an IELTS score of 6-7 to pursue under graduation in English.

Advantages of giving the IELTS EXAM- 

  • The candidate may choose to give the exam either on paper or computer
  • The candidate has an option between the two modules that is the ILETS Academic and the General training while for the UK the candidate has to give the test approved by UK Visa Immigration.
  • The candidate has options of different time slots and dates to give the exam according to their suitability and even the venues are flexible.


So the ILETS exam is conducted to check the students understanding, knowledge and fluency in the language. The scores are accepted by foreign universities. The test is made in such a way that that if the candidate makes a mistake in one section it can be covered in the next section as there are breaks between the sections giving time to students to think about their mistakes. The test allows students to develop their English skills. Therefore the test is also called A1English Test BookingThus, make sure you study hard for this exam. We all want to get into some of the top universities in the world. If you can get a score in IELTS exams, then half of your work is done.