The monsoons have ended and it is a time in India when the festivals have arrived from Navratri to Diwali to Christmas and as per the current situations of the Covid-19 still at a rise in India many precautions have been taken as to avoid social gatherings during these festivals and this is going to work as a great opportunity for people to move out of their homes during this time and actually celebrate the festivals on a trip away from home in a different style.

Since people have been warned to not create a social gathering and the festive times usually call out for people to meet and greet each other, it is going to be difficult to not follow this tradition and the best way to avoid this gathering is by planning a mini trip if not a long one and celebrate the festival in a different way and in a different place this time and keep away from people, let it be only you and your family in a safe space this festive season and in order to do so you can try finding a place and if you don’t want to go far away you can easily open your mobile phone and just type ‘hotel near me’ and instantly a bunch of options will pop up at your rescue and once you have picked your desired destination and selected a perfect date and found the best hotel as per your choices, you can start with packing up your bags. You might also be thinking about the fact that you have yet booked your flight tickets and you have already been told to start packing because yes, even if the tickets have not yet been booked it is guaranteed that using the MakeMyTrip app you can not only book the hotel you want to stay but as well as the flight or the train ticket.

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