Cruise trips are very memorable as you get to explore vast ocean, beautiful scenery and aquatic life. As the earth is covered by 71% of water, there is a lot to explore in the marine world. Travel agency near me has excellent cruise trip plans around the world.

If you love travelling and exploring the beauty of the nature, cruise trips are a great way to do so. A Travel agent near me compiled the following list of the best cruise trips.

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  • Cruise around French Polynesia


This place has a rich scenic beauty that can mesmerize any traveler. With a combination of white and black sand beaches along with crystal clear blue water front and all around natural beauty, this is a perfect place for people who love traveling. Apart from cruise, there are a lot of other activities around its beautiful beaches that you can do, like snorkeling, deep water dive etc.


  • Antarctica cruise trip


Antarctica has beautiful landscape of ice and snow all around. There are a lot of cruises that will take you through this place and you can experience the climate and beauty of the far north of planet earth. You will get to see various species of penguins, polar bears and dolphin. 


  • Windjammers cruise in Penobscot bay


Staying true to the roots, this cruise trip will take you on a journey of beautiful aquatic and land based scenery on a 16 foot wind powered ship. These ships were built at the start of 19th century and some of them are even considered historic. A trip on one of these cruises will be a lifetime experience for you. 

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  • A cruise trip in Norwegian Fjords


Surrounded by beautiful mountain and mesmerizing waterfalls, this cruise trip is a great combination of land and oceanic beauty. While on a cruise here, you will go through diverse landscapes and aquatic life. This trip won’t let you blink your eyes as there is so much to see on this trip.