During holidays, the temptations to skip the gym and eat healthy diet become imminent across every continent. It is a common problem experienced by almost every person. This is from the fact that we tend to stay indoors and hardly go out for outdoor sporting events – the weather simply can’t allow. Combined with stress and anxiety, it is difficult to avoid snacking at home or in the office. On holidays, you receive a number of invitations for parties and cocktails. This robs you the time you spend on your own in the gym, gardening or walking. As a result, you gain weight despite of many attempts to stick within the healthy weight range.

Common Blunders to Avoid

Pitfalls that you might experience over the holidays include:

Friends or family gatherings
Work potlucks and holiday parties
Your partner’s office party
Counter snacks found in almost every office
Try as much as you can to avoid such enticing delectable high fattening meals regardless of the pressure you get from friends or family members. None or very few will lend a helping hand when you battle with extra weight after the holidays are gone.

Manage Your Food Intake

It may sound embarrassing to let down an offer made by your mum during a home party but it worth the initiative. Make them understand why you are resisting. Else, you can make special arrangements in advance so that there is a provision of low-calorie servings. Learn to fight with holiday stresses and emotions that can compel you to seek some resort in high-calorie snacks or diets. Opt for light low-calorie meals such as veggies, whole grains, fruits, and green leafy foodies. For cocktails, go for brands that are energy-free or sugar-free. It’s difficult to avoid such occasions but what gets down your throat should go hand in hand with your weight loss plan.