Sanur and Kuta Beaches are two famous beaches in Bali that are well-known by many people. If you want to explore further, you can see lots of other beaches that are no less beautiful. It is hard to enjoy the beauty of Bali in just one night. Tourists should extend their stay at the Bali resort Nusa Dua or other local inns and continue the journey to rarely visited places.

Explore Hidden Beaches in Bali

Although not quite well known, some of the beaches below are highly recommended to visit:

Melasti Beach

If you’ve ever heard of the Melasti ceremony, you will surely be familiar with the name Melasti Beach because this beach is the place to carry out the Melasti ceremony. It’s not only because of the ceremony performed overlooking the sea that makes Melasti Beach famous but also because of the enchanting beauty of the limestone hills. In addition, the diversity of coastal marine life makes it suitable for snorkeling locations.

Atuh Beach

If you haven’t had time to come to Raja Ampat but are currently in Bali, then there’s no need to worry because Bali has a similar beach. This beach in Nusa Penida is similar to Raja Ampat, including the beauty of its marine life. 

That is why people also often refer to this place as Raja Lima. The cliffs are enchanting, and the sand and clear water are charming. In addition, this place is full of delicious food.

Soka Beach

If most beaches have white sand, the sand in Antap Village has black color. However, the sand of Soka beach still feels smooth and shiny, so it looks like marble. As one of Bali beaches Indonesia, this place is perfect for visiting if you want to relax on the shore while looking for small crabs. But unfortunately, the waves on this beach are huge, which makes swimming prohibited here.

Yeh Leh Beach

This beach is located on the border of Jembrana and Tabanan regencies and has many exciting spots beside the sand and rocks spread along the coast. If you want to enjoy the sunset, this beach is one of the best locations. Not only that, but here visitors can also go fishing, camping, and surfing. The waves on this beach are not too big, so it is comfortable and safe for water activities. 

Although it has many other natural beauties, Bali is indeed well-known for its beaches. Visitors can explore the nature of the Island of the Gods while walking along beautiful beaches.