To make this note, we will take into account some statistics that are offered by PromPerú, the entity that is responsible for doing the Promotional Work of Peru’s tourist Destinations around the world.

Among the statistics that we will take into account, are the following: the age, average money that a tourist can spend individually, the way he travels and the other places he visits.

To deduct an average expense of what it may the cost of the Nazca Lines Flights in the department of Ica. We will organize by order of events.

Initially you should think, how and when to get to Nazca, because if you arrive a day before the day of the Flight, you must pay for lodging. So, suppose you stayed a day earlier in the city, and if so, you subtract the average cost of the hotel, from the total of what a person can spend.

Most people who travel to Nazca do so from Lima, Paracas, Ica, Arequipa or Cusco, therefore the cost can be between 15 Soles to 120 Soles ($4 to $40 Dollars), it depends on the city obviously. The closest is Ica and the ticket can cost up to 15 soles maximum and from Cusco the furthest can cost up to 120 Soles maximum.

Now the theme of the stay, depending on the type of lodging, on average evaluating the vast majority of Hotels and Hostels in Nazca, you can spend between 60 and 90 Soles ($20 to $30 Dollars)

In the food you can spend between $3 and $10 Dollars, it is subjective of course. But we assume this, as an average tourist.

Now the most important thing, the Nazca Lines Flight, to get a good price you must go directly to a Direct Operator and we discover at an Airline that has the Best Price and a super good and simple Online booking modality. With them in regular season you can get the Flight in $ 65 Dollars.

In total, the cost is between $100 and $150 dollars, it depends clearly on the person and what you want to live your trip in one way or another. The average cost of tourists who come to Peru is almost $ 1000 dollars per person and travel to at least 3 different places.

Therefore, the Overflight to the Nazca Lines only represents between 10 and 15% of your budget and you will live an Experience with a lot of culture, fun and Adventure.

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