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Are you ready to buy your first house? You’ve probably heard a lot about housing types, such as semi-detached, terraced, or bungalow. But what do these words actually mean? A semi-detached house is two houses in one, right? Isn’t that just another type of detached house? Maybe not.


There are so many different terms that it can be difficult to know which one best describes the kind of home you’re looking for. So how can you tell which is the right kind of house for you to buy? Read on for some handy tips and definitions to help you choose the perfect kind of property for you.


What Is A Terraced House?


A terraced house is a type of semi-detached house. It has two floors and is usually found in rows of similar houses. The key difference between a semi-detached and terraced house is that terraced houses have no shared walls between the properties.


Terraced houses are easy to spot, with rows of identical properties set closely together, often with low-level front gardens for easy maintenance. This type of housing is often found in urban areas, where land is at a premium, and is often quite affordable.


What Is A Semi-Detached House?


A semi-detached house is two properties in one with a shared wall. This means that the two halves of the property are joined but you don’t have to worry about your neighbors losing their privacy because you do not share a roof or a driveway.


A semi-detached house is a type of terraced house and is usually found in urban areas where space is at a premium. This type of house offers all the advantages of a detached house, such as more space and a lower chance of noisy neighbors, but at a lower cost.




A bungalow is a type of detached house with a low-pitched roof. This house is normally single storey, but it may also be a raised bungalow, which has a second floor. The word, ‘bungalow’ comes from the Hindi word “bangla” which means “cottage” or “hut”. The design has become wildly popular around the world.




A condominium is a type of housing found in many parts of the world. A condominium is joint ownership between two parties; an individual homeowner, and a group of people or a company who own the land.


This means that the people living in the condo have shared ownership of the land, the building, and the common areas, such as gardens, parking spaces, and walkways. The homeowner is responsible for the interior of their home, while the group is responsible for the exterior parts of the property like the roof, landscaping, and the shared walkways.


Choose The Best House For You Now!


In summary, there are so many different types of houses. From terraced houses to detached mansions, there is a type of house for pretty much any kind of lifestyle. The trick to choosing the right property for you is to find a house type that fits your lifestyle, budget, and the size of your family.


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