Japan is a land where work is worship and ancient culture co-exists peacefully with the modernized landscapes. Japan has been invaded, destroyed and torn apart quite a few times, but with their hard work and smart decisions they have managed to outdo the negatives and rebuild to become one of the highly respected nations in the terms of work ethics, advancements and rich culture. A trip to Japan will surely provide you a scene of peace, beautiful landscape , rich cultural heritage and a modernized society. Services like alljapantours provide very affordable and comfortable tour plans for your vacations.

The following are some of the most popular tourist spots in Japan that you must visit-

Hiroshima peace memorial park

Hiroshima was the victim of American nuclear bombing. The major city of its time was completely demolished which led to japans surrender in WW2. The park is a memorial built to honor the bravery of Japanese people that lost their life on that day. This place has numerous monuments, museums and memorials which relate to that fateful day. Over a million tourists visit this place every year and you should visit there too on your trip to Japan.

Temple city: Historic Nara

This is a perfectly preserved ancient city that has numerous national treasures, ancient works of art, historical buildings and beautiful temples. A visit here will give you a view of a well preserved ancient culture and rituals. The city has some of the most important and beautiful Nara temples that portray the honor and rich culture of the nations perfectly. This is a must visit spot for a japan trip.

Mount Fuji

This is undoubtedly the most recognizable landmark in Japan. Mount Fuji is climbed by a million people every year as an act of pilgrimage. The majestic mountain peak can be seen from even Tokyo which is a 100 kilometers away. Mount Fuji has been celebrated in Japanese art and literature for centuries and is an important tourist attraction as well.