When you think of the epitome of luxury, Dubai comes to mind. This man made wonder is truly one of the most glamorous cities in the world. The best way to book flights when planning a vacation to this spectacular emirate is to find economic flight services and compare the rates. Visa for UAE can be procured via any travel agency.  You should also take travel insurance for Dubai and pick up Dirhams for Dubai before you embark on your journey to the UAE. Once you land at the Dubai airport, you are greeted with Rolex clocks and Rolls Royce cabs at your perusal.

Cruising through the larger-than-life persona of Sheikh Zayed Road is impressive to say the least. Towering through the already challenging skyline of the city, the Burj Khalifa peeking out at you is the tallest man-made structure in the world and truly lives up to its reputation. Not only is it an architectural marvel, but also one of the most premium residential premises in the world, with breathtaking views from atop the viewing tower.

For those who like fancy hotels and wallowing in the lap of luxurious services, Dubai hotels are possibly the best in the world. A high tea at the Burj Al Arab or a trip to the Atlantic will steal the thunder of many other prominent hotels in the world!  Charming to say the least, a vacation in this Emirate is bound to leave you spoilt and maybe a little broke!

In addition to the world famous hotels, the city also has a vibrant nightlife. With nightclubs like Armani, Cavali, The Act, White Dubai and Barasti, it is also reputed to be a huge party city of the Middle East, attracting world famous artists to perform.

A city that is so beautifully crafted amidst a dessert, it has some great beaches and activities along its coast. Hotels like the Atlantic and Burj Al Arab have their own private beaches while La Mer, Al Seef and JBR have their own strips. These beaches are dotted with sheesha bars and quaint cafes serving delicious food – a must try when in Dubai. To experience a vacation of a lifetime, you can now also avail business class cheap flights and continue this premium escapade.

There is a lot of cruising that happens in Dubai too.  Check out Cruises for Dubai for an overnight excursion on the high seas or a cruise through the Persian Gulf.  You can also take a cruise from Dubai to Mumbai instead of taking a flight back to India

It would be gory injustice at this point, not to mention the malls. The many massive malls act as shopping havens for the savvy fashionistas with limited edition items and every brand in the world has outlets there. Many of these malls are in the hotels as well as standalone properties. Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Deira City Centre and Marina Mall are some of the most popular among tourists. For cheap items, Meena bazar and Naif souk are apt. Gold souk is the world famous market where hordes of travelers buy large quantities of gold.

For excursions, the sand dune bashing safari along with various belly dancing shows is a must. Bollywood parks is an action-packed theme park for those who like some thrill-seeking activities. Furthermore for the adrenalin junkies, bungee jumping and sky diving is explored from the Burj Khalifa, leaving people spellbound with the views below.

If you round up this Emirate, you will have a little bit of everything – ranging from premium hotels, buzzing nightclubs, beach excursions, desert activities and extreme sports along with a delicious local cuisine. Attending to a diverse range of travelers, you will never forget an experience of a holiday in Dubai.