Featuring a 4-wheel drive fueled by 5.5L, 536 horsepower twin-turbo cooling engine, the Mercedes-Benz is a car to drool over. Renting it in Dubai is far too easy and like most of the renting companies out there, we are doing our part in making your Mercedes-Benz G63 rental dubai experience all the while worthwhile.

The documents we require

We cater to both national or local and international clients. For the local clients, the document requirements are a valid UAE license or Emirates ID. If you’ve acquired a residential visa, you can still rent a car.

However, if you’re an international tourist or someone on a professional excursion, we require that you present your passport, a valid visiting visa, a home country driving license, and an International Driving Permit.

These documents will be enough for us to get you through the process.

The areas we serve

We serve every inch of Dubai and the UAE as a whole. You can rent a Mercedes-Benz G63 anywhere you are in these areas. The process of renting is the same everywhere and we don’t require any additional documents.

We also offer chauffeur services

For a luxury car like G63, our customers mostly order a chauffeur service. But of course, it is at your discretion. If you don’t need it, there’s no need to order.

In case you do want one, know that every additional service has its own charges.

We don’t charge mark-ups or booking fee

Our online renting website is equipped with modern necessities and is very user friendly. You can rent your Mercedes-Benz G63 right from the comfort of your phone. We’d be glad to deliver you a car from our suppliers’ garage without any hassle.

And in all of this renting process, we won’t charge an extra penny, which is one of our core values that makes Mercedes-Benz G63 renting experience a one of its kind.