We all have heard about the word “Drugs” but, do you all know that there is also a category of drugs which is known as Psychedelic Drugs? Well, if you are not much familiar with this term then we will clear out all your queries and doubts in the article further.

Let us start by throwing some light upon the meaning of Psychedelic Drugs.

Meaning of Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelic drugs are also known by the name of Hallucinogens are a pure category of substances that are psychoactive and the consumption of which causes great alterations in the person’s abilities to think, perceive, see, and even smell.

There are a huge variety of these substances. Some of these are naturally available while others are scientifically made and created.

Some of the most common and easily available psychedelic drugs are –

  • LSD
  • Marijuana
  • Ayahuasca
  • Mescaline
  • DMT
  • Psilocybin

Psychedelic Drugs nowadays are mainly used by individuals to find true spiritual insight and have a better understanding of their inner-self. Many people consider resolving their mental health issues by simply taking any of these psychedelic drugs instead of going to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Since there are these various kinds of psychedelic drugs, the methods or ways of consumption of each are different. For instance, Mescaline and DMT can be smoked, taken orally, or injected. Ayahuasca needs to be drunk as it is in the form of a beverage.

The use of psychedelics should be made only when people are in high and urgent need of them. Otherwise, it does not take any time to be emotionally and dependent on it.

Side Effects of Psychedelic Drugs 

It is a fact that whatever type and form of the drug you consume is not safe. It will always have some bad effects on your health and body.

The average time of being affected by the drug varies. Some drugs might affect you for 30-40 minutes while the other might affect you for 4-6 hours.

Some of the signs which tell you that you are under the complete influence of these drugs are –

  • Vomiting.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Feeling of Euphoria.
  • Relaxation.
  • Dizziness.
  • High Levels of Sweating.
  • Increase in Heart rate.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Fast Breathing.

Sometimes overuse of such a drug might lead you towards having bad experiences and even trauma.

Ayahuasca as a Psychedelic Drug 

Ayahuasca is also a type of Psychedelic drug which creates a state of relaxation and hallucination in the minds of the people.

Even though this drug was considered bad at some time it is now taken as the only solution to all the problems by some people. Thus, to make people happier and more relaxed several retreats take place year after year.

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