Nowadays, travel agencies are playing an important role in travel and tourism and they have become an integral part of it. More than 60% revenues of travel agency generally come from business travels. They are providing both commercial as well as leisure travel and everything has gone online therefore they are providing the facility of online bookings. You don’t have to step out, just sit at home visit their sites like and do the bookings. It is helping them to establish a good relationship with clients.

Functions and services:

  • Travel information: They will provide you all the necessary information related to travel and tourism thus they keep you updated about your visit. They give you accurate and real-time information about your accommodation, passport, visa, destination mode of travel, sight-seeing, shopping, health as well as security rules, customer clearance and procedure and also about the permits that they will need it they want to visit any particular area.
  • Itinerary preparation: These agencies also make an itinerary for the tour packages they provide. This itinerary is basically used for identifying the origin, destination and the shopping points available in your tour. Various elements are included in this composition which is designed after doing a proper analysis of the market.
  • Airline ticketing and reservation: These travel agencies include different products in their tour packages. They provide the service of airline ticketing and reservation which have become a major source of revenues. They perform this function on behalf of different airlines.
  • Travel insurance and currency services: They provide some additional services to their clients like travel insurance. This insurance will protect you against the personal injury or in case you lose your baggage while traveling. It is basically related to problem and happenings you may face while traveling. Currency exchange services are also provided by the travel agencies that are authorized by the government.