It is hard to believe that in the glamorous city of Dubai many things can be done for free as well. When planning your itinerary on a budget you will need a few of these things that will entertain you but will save your money at the same time. These freebies are complimentary yet make your Dubai vacation affordable and entertaining. If however you keep on spending on every thing you want to do in Dubai, you will soon run out of all the bucks. Top free places to visit in Dubai are not far-fetched.

Here we have listed down a few of the best free things that you can do when travelling to Dubai. Let us know what is your favourite destination out of all these if you have been there.

Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai Fountain is very famous and is the tallest performing fountain in the world. It is designed by a California based company. Here the Fountain surges as high as 150 m and is one the best things that you can simply sit and enjoy for free. The fountain dances to the tune of music and is accompanied by colourful lights. The fountain is located in Burj Lake. To amplify this experience, you can spend some money and take an abra ride which will take you through this lake.

Food & Craft Market

Ripe Food & Craft Market is an outdoor market offering abundance of dining options with fresh loads of fruits directly from the crate. Everyone will find something for them in the market. There are unique toys, home décor, live music, fitness classes, education activities and many other things going on. They also hold pop up events that regularly happen throughout Dubai from place to place. It’s a great thing to doing Dubai as you do not have to spend any money to visit the market. Relax and enjoy the free performance while you are at the market. You can even find an affordable Dubai Travel Agency and contact them to get an idea about all these activities. 

Love Lake

This place is located in the middle of the desert. Al Qadra has a lake and lush green area that is ideal for cycling, camping and even barbequing. You can find a nice spot anywhere, put your tent and spend a nice night under the starlit sky if the weather allows.