There is a lot to do before a wedding – the choice of clothes, the location, the food, etc. But fun shouldn’t be neglected either. It’s good that the bachelorette party is taking place. But as an exception at this point the groom can lean back and let others take the lead. But what is part of a successful bachelorette party and what should you avoid at all possible?

How is a bachelorette party organized?

Are you the best man and now you having the task of organizing the stag party for the future groom? Then first get an overview of everything you should consider. The following things belong to it: attendees, scheduling, the budget, program, gifts, accommodation and meals. In an early planning stage, you can get a few ideas for the program from other stag participants and exchange their experiences with them. Or, you can simply hire the Toronto Party Bus Rental where you can organize the bachelorette party in a private luxury party bus, according to your budget, needs and attendees. You should consider below points when planning.

Where does the bachelorette party come from?

The bachelorette party is a wedding custom in which the couple celebrates before the actual wedding: usually separately from each other. Such celebrations before the marriage ceremony were celebrated in ancient Greece. In contrast to the bachelorette party, which traditionally takes place on the eve of the wedding, the farewell to bachelorhood is usually celebrated a few weeks before the big day. The custom then became really popular through numerous US films or series. You can organize a bachelorette party that has it all without professional support.

Participants: who are they?

It is actually a point that you should talk to the groom about. It is best to get a list of the phone numbers or email addresses of the guests you want beforehand. If you want to plan the party in complete secrecy, you should at least consult with the future bride and get tips on who should definitely not be missing. The easiest way to communicate with guests is via WhatsApp groups or mailing lists.

Appointment: When is the right time?

Finding the right time to celebrate is surely one of the most difficult tasks in planning. After all, the appointment has to be right for the groom, but it should also be possible for as many guests as possible to appear. The day before the wedding is taboo. In general, it is most relaxed for the still bachelor if the bachelorette party is not too close to the day of the wedding, as a lot has to be organized especially recently.

Therefore, you should consult the main person beforehand when making an appointment. Ideally, you can get a list of suitable dates and then present these to the participants for selection. When planning, it is also important that you are clear in advance about what kind of frame the party should take. Will it be an evening event? Are you planning a full day or even a weekend?