The first step after becoming a flight attendant is to understand the roles and duties well. You cannot think of a promotion so soon unless you work sincerely and wholeheartedlyin the role. There are many things that one must consider while performing the role of a flight attendant. Even if you have attended or completed the course of a flight attendant, you must know how you must perform to get the highest Flight attendant income [แอร์โฮสเตส รายได, which is the term in Thai] in less time.

Not every flight attendant gets promoted, have you ever wondered why? It is because they failed to understand certain things that are essential to get in the eyes of higher management.Let’s focus on those duties specifically.

Top 5 duties of being a professional flight attendant:

  1. Being attentive:

As a flight attendant, you are expected to be attentive to attend to passengers’ needs. You need to make sure that the travellers enjoy their experience and travel journey well. 

  1. Being communicative:

Flight attendants are expected to be communicative. You must know how to communicate with the passengers. To some, it is their first flight experience and thus to make them comfortable and to help them open up to their needs is a prime duty of a flight professional. 

  1. Decision-making skills:

In case of emergency situation or unpleasant scenarios, a flight attendant is trained to take decisions based on the welfare of passengers as well as the crew. One cannot run away from the decision-making skills. They need to know how to handle emergency situations.

  1. Spontaneity:

A person’s thinking ability has to be upto the mark. A professional and excellent flight attendant means he/she must think out of the box in demanding situations for the airlines to reach on the top. Other than the mind, he/she must also have the stamina to lift baggage and stand for long hours in the flight.

  1. Customer service skills:

The duty of a flight attendant is to attend to the passengers in a poised, calm, and tactful manner. In short, all these qualities come under customer service skills.