Phuket happens to be one of the busiest International Airports in Thailand. Nested in the northern part of the city, it serves as the gateway for international tourists to Phuket. People travelling to this beautiful city in Thailand often book air tickets from various parts of the world. You might check out websites like Cathay Pacific, where you can book air tickets at discounted rates. The main city of Phuket lies around 32 Kms. from the airport at Phuket.

Phuket Airport

The airport at Phuket is modernized, and it offers a wide plethora of services and amenities to travelers. You can avail all the essential requirements, right from medical services to ATMs and dining options to postage services. The airport also has retail shops, souvenir shops, book stores, and massage services. One can also shop duty-free at the airport. People love purchasing the local spirits, as the prices are comparatively low. The passengers can also avail complimentary Wi-Fi services.

Save money on flight booking to Phuket

Well, here are some top secrets for you, that would save some bucks when you book flights to Phuket.

  • Book from reputed websites: You must be using flight search engines on travel portals! Well, have you tried out some of the best engines, such as Cathay Pacific? Booking your flight becomes easy, when you have intelligent mechanisms supporting you. You can obtain your flight ticket in advance at reasonable rates from these portals.
  • Compare and match: Some of the travel portals inflate the flight prices, before applying a discount. In the end, travelers hardly benefit from such deals. With the best flight booking portals at your disposal, you can get good tickets, where you need not shell out the original price. Explore the most reputed ticket booking portals, as you hunt for the best deals.
  • Travel on the right day: You might have heard people saying that traveling on the right day can help you save bucks! Unless you have something too urgent, you can always have a flexible schedule. Wait and watch out for the days, when you can avail the flight tickets at lower rates. Particularly, when you travel on weekdays, the deals come good. Avoid traveling on dates around occasions or festivals. Travel sites like Cathay Pacific help the users obtain the best deals.
  • Book your flight in advance: In case you are planning a leisure or business trip to Phuket, make sure to book the flight tickets in advance. Reserving your berth in the plane at least three to six months in advance can help you get good tickets. The prices tend to soar, as the departure date proceeds.
  • Use your travel points: In case you are a using credit card, you might be receiving bonus points for booking hotels and transportation. Travelers make the most of the free travel points they obtain from these cards. It would be wise to get a card, which gives you great deals and points.

Your flight tickets would come at a better cost, once you find the right place to book the tickets. No wonder, while websites like Cathay Pacific are gaining popularity among travelers!