The importance of towels in the hospitality sector

In the hospitality sector, towels are essential to provide a correct service to customers. We must bear in mind that hotel towels can become another marketing element of our establishment. Through this towel you can generate a feeling of quality and comfort in the client, which improves your overall experience and can recommend the experience to other potential customers.

To buy the best towels for hospitality, first, we must know the wide variety of products that exist and choose those that will bring a positive value to the experience. This is important, since it will allow us to introduce different types of towels in the areas where we put them, so that we can transfer to our client the high level of detail and attention that we have put into designing the whole set of elements that make up the room of the hotel.

Buy resistant white towel


Due to intensive use, and washing with products that guarantee hygiene, towels in hotels and in professional centers suffer continuous wear. Extending the shelf life of textile products for professionals is only possible if they are made of top quality materials. At ROTEX, you will find the towels and bathrobes that your business needs and that your customers deserve. Soft and perfect from day one and for a long time.

Black towels for hairdressers

If you are a hairdresser, you will know the importance of having black towels for hair treated with dark dyes. White towels, although they provide a feeling of cleanliness, are easy to maintain and can drag dye stains if used with freshly dyed hair. Take care of your clients with different textiles according to their use and save on the maintenance of the materials.

For Hotels

Hotels are so grown this days that there is so much competition in it, everything about your will hotel must be quality especially your Hotel towels (which is the term in Thai ผ้าขนหนูโรงแรม)because this is one of the very spotted area if anything goes wrong.