We all have the idea that tour operators are people that package the crucial components of a trip, market it, sell it to a tourist or travel, and takes charge of the whole tour operations.

But do you know the types of operator and the work they perform? In this article, we will look into these accordingly.

Types Of Tour Operators

Inbound Tour Operators

An inbound tour operator brings in tourists to a country either through individual or group tour packages. The kind of trips they organize is primarily for non-residents visiting a specific place, as they handle all the arrangements.

Most of these operators have a major partnership with other kinds of tour operators, form partnerships with businesses and local hotels, and hire a local travel agency for services such as airport drop-off or pick-up.

Outbound Tour Operators

An outbound tour operator works within a country to take a traveller to a different country, unlike inbound tour operators. They are operators that market a tour for international designations, either for leisure travel or business.

Domestic Tour Operators

A domestic tour operator is one who puts comprehensive tour packages together and sells it to a local traveller. That is to say; they’re tour operators that provide travel tours and packages within the native country of a tourist.

Typically, a domestic tour involves citizens of a particular country travelling inside the country. They can visit train tours, city tours, hospitality tours, scenic areas, national parks, tuk tuk tour, etc. Domestic tour operators merge various tourist components often into an overall package since there are several options that a tourist can choose from.

Ground Tour Operators

A ground tour operator operates domestically. However, they vary from a domestic tour operator in the sense that they’re in charge of organizing tours for an incoming tourist on behalf of outbound tour operators, and few times, indoor tour operators.