Hotel gyms can be hit or miss, depending on the hotel and what you’re looking for. Some are nice and have great amenities, but many are bare-bones and lack the equipment or classes you may prefer. So what should you expect when visiting a hotel gym? Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your workout schedule at your next hotel stay.

The benefits of having access to a gym

When you’re away from home, it can be tough to stick with your fitness routine. But hotel gyms are about much more than just convenience. A recent survey found that 93% of travelers have visited a hotel gym Llandudno at least once. Here are seven reasons why having one in your building could benefit both business and personal wellness.

It doesn’t cost much: Most hotels offer their facilities for free or for little cost. That makes them affordable even when you’re on vacation!

They help us get fit: Many of us do not always make time for exercise—but we try harder when we know how easy it is to use our gym memberships while on vacation.

It keeps us connected: If you don’t want to miss any important calls while out of town, consider bringing your phone (and your charger) with you to stay connected via social media or email as needed during workouts. You can also bring along workout headphones if desired so you won’t need to silence your device each time an incoming call comes through. Your hotel offers amenities beyond those rooms themselves!

They’re convenient: A recent survey found that 54% of people say they would not go to a gym if it meant having to drive. If you are among them, consider booking your hotel with access to one.

It’s a break from work: Whether you work in an office or have an independent business, having access to free fitness equipment can help relieve daily stress and give you time away from your desk during lunch hour, after-work hours or while on vacation! Not every workout has to be intense – sometimes taking some extra time for stretching or light yoga is enough in between appointments, client calls and meetings.

It’s there when you need it: Often, hotels will have everything from stationary bikes and elliptical machines to free weights. Sometimes hotel gyms offer classes as well! Whether you’re looking for a hard workout or something lighter, chances are your hotel gym has what you need.

It’s good for business: Finally, a hotel gym can be helpful in building and maintaining business relationships. While business is often done online or through conference calls, there are always face-to-face meetings to attend. Having access to fitness equipment in your building helps you avoid scheduling conflicts with personal training sessions and allows you to enjoy small workouts at home or on vacation if needed. Even better, we all know that exercise is key when it comes to helping people maintain healthy work/life balance—and who doesn’t want more of that?