For any extra baggage that you carry, you are likely to get charged more by your airline. Therefore, being careful about what you carry can save you the expense of paying for extra luggage. This is while ensuring that you still have everything that you need for your kurz mal weg – short trips to Munich when you are traveling for business.

Here is what you need to pack:

  • Pick bottoms of a solid color

When choosing what pants or skirts to pack, go for those that have a solid color. This will help you eliminate multiple accessories that you will have to carry if you were to go with bottoms of varied colors.

For instance, no need to pack shoes, belts and earrings that will match the various colored bottoms you will carry.

  • Choose tops that match your bottoms

The tops should blend well with the bottoms you have carried. It will be a plus if you can match the top with multiple bottoms.

  • Comfortable shoes

Carry just one or a maximum of two pairs of shoes. Choose shoes that go well with the outfits that you have selected. 

The key thing is that as much as your shoes are stylish, they should also be comfortable. This is especially if you will be on your feet most of the day when you go for your kurz mal weg – short trips to Munich.

Stuff your shoes with socks and underwear. This will help to keep your shoes in shape, as well conserve space.

  • Pack toiletries

When packing toiletries, pack your favorite lotions, shaving creams and perfumes. It might be hard to find what you like in your new location.

But if you are staying at a business hotel Munich that is close to a shopping center, consider buying what you need once you get to your destination. This will save you the hassle of having to carry it all the way to Munich.

  • Use a lockable luggage

Use a luggage lock. This will keep your stuff safe when you are traveling. It will deter anyone who wants to steal from you.

  • Fold your suit

If you are carrying a suit, fold it instead of rolling it up. This will prevent the suit from getting creased.

  • Electronics

You will be able to charge your phones and other devices when staying at your business hotel Munich. Therefore, carry your phone charger and your travel adapter for your laptop.

Noise cancellation headphones will also come in handy during your flights.

Carry your laptop in a protective sleeve that is well cushioned to protect it from damage. Ideally, pack your laptop in your carry-on bag so that you can put it up in the luggage compartment during your flight.

An e-book reader will also come in handy if you love to read. It will help you pass time during your long traveling hours. 

An e-book reader is much lighter compared to carrying a physical book.