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Every single person has got a different perspective on everything they come across; likewise, there is no right or wrong way of creating a travel bucket list. The items in your travel bucket list can be as small as taking a road trip or as huge as planning a week-long vacation to seek seclusion. However, your bucket list fails to justify its existence if all the pre-determined goals in it stay unfinished forever. Thus, to conquer all your dreams, here are 5 useful resources from us –

Make yourself accountable –

Keeping commitments to yourself is okay as far as you can accomplish all of them. Whatever commitments you have made to yourself hold yourself accountable to it. To be accountable to the bucket list you have created, you can share it with your family, friends, and relatives. This will make boost your enthusiasm to turn contagious. Also, the moment you fail to accomplish either of your goals, it will make you feel obligated and thus re-direct your focus towards its completion.

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Check your bucket list ideas twice –

Once you are done in creating your travel bucket list, keep it aside for some time and revisit it later within a week or so. Say, for example, you have created a travel bucket list for your Ladakh road trip. Make sure that you do not check it for at least a week’s duration. The next time when you revisit it with a fresh mind, you will be able to work on it even better.

Pick the right storage place for your bucket list –

Today, we all live in a world of technology where everything is at your fingertips. Rather than making a bucket list on a piece of paper, which, if placed carelessly, will inevitably get mixed up with other wastes within your home space. Get the hang of technology to create a bucket list on your laptop or personal computer and either save it in a folder designated for the same or get it on to the Google Docs.

Share your list –

The best way of creating a back-up for your bucket list is by sharing it with your close circle. This will serve the dual purpose of creating a back-up for your bucket list, and at the same time, you will receive some genuine advice from your peers.

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Deadline your goals –

Deadlines are essential, but what is more important is that you are disciplined in accomplishing all your tasks within the said deadline. You can pick 1 to 5 destinations from your list and frame a timeline of a year around it. Isn’t it that simple?