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If you are wondering whether to visit Tokyo or Kyoto this vacation due to the limited time in hand, here are a few factors that will help you to make an informed decision. First, you should consider the consider the time factor and then follow it up with other important and relevant factors such as your budget, the places to visit and more. Start with some basic info about Tokyo and Kyoto. When you compare Tokyo versus Kyoto you will find that Kyoto is traditional while Tokyo is a modern city with lot of energy and happenings. Therefore, if you want to relax, Kyoto is the place to visit.

Your preferences matter

If you are okay with the expenses in Tokyo and ready to pay about 30% more in comparison to Kyoto trip expense, then Tokyo is the place to visit. This is a big city that is full of hustle and bustle, use of lot of modern technology. The nightlife here in Tokyo is exceptional with a wide array of finest restaurants in every nook and corner. Tokyo is also the right place for you to visit if you are not fond of temples and shrines, gardens and valleys, geisha and hiking. However, if you have just four days more in hand, you can visit both for a memorable vacation. Be informed, it takes on 2 hours and 15 minutes to travel between these two cities.

A few other factors

You will need to consider a few other points to make a perfect comparison between Tokyo versus Kyoto. Tokyo is a big city while Kyoto is small and full of natural beauty. If you do not like too make people then Kyoto is the place to visit with a population of 1.47 million as compared to 9 million of Tokyo. This means that sightseeing in Tokyo may be a bit tiring.