The evus is the acronym for the Electronic Visa Update System. It is an electronic online system of authorization for a person holding B1 and B2 visas, and the government should approve the evus of the country. The approved evus is valid for two years from the date it is issued. For applying, the person should be holding a valid passport. The person requires the Electronic Visa Update System for traveling to the United States. The person should submit their application before seventy-two hours before departure to the United States.

Different ways in which the evus validity can be lost

There are several ways through which the holder can lose the validity of the evus enrollment. The validity of the enrollment is like a fashion, that is be expired due to many reasons.

  • The evus enrollment depends on the validity of passport of the person. If the validity of the passport comes to an end, it will automatically expire the enrollment. The invalidity of the enrollment will terminate the contract. The services rendered bt the application will come to an end. So, it is essential for the person to renew their passport timely.
  • On obtaining a new passport, the enrollment will be declared invalid. When a person gets a new passport, it will have new documents. The agreement with the old evus enrollment will nullify. There can be inconsistencies with the materials and paperwork of the electronic visa update system. The reaction of the inconsistency will result in terminating the initial agreement of the evus enrollment. The person has to again enroll in the electronic visa update system for obtaining the benefits of the online system. This helps travel to the United States and valid for two years only.
  • If the gender of the person is wrongly written in an agreement, the correction will invalidate the enrollment. The electronic visa update system will invalidate the enrollment because of changes in the document. For example – in the passport for a male, the gender is written, female. Then the changing in the gender will nullify the previous documents. The condition of the agreement will also be violated. That’s why, a person should carefully go through the documents while applying the registration for the evus enrollment.
  • The change in nationality will make the enrollment void, and the difference in the country will result in a change in nationality, citizenship of the person. The current details of the person will not match with the documents of the enrollment agreement. It will make the enrollment invalid.

These are the several ways in which the enrollment of the evus can be nullified while in the United States. It is the responsibility of the person to renew the agreement timely. The renewing of enrollment involves the same process for applying for the application of enrollment of evus. The agreement will be according to the new documents of the person. It will depend according to the new nationality and citizenship of the person.