Every bride dreams of arriving at the church or wedding party in style and certainly the vehicle that brings the bride gives other airs to the ceremony.Choosing the car model is not an easy task, as there are many options and models from luxury cars, old, classic, sports and modern.

Your wedding day is one of the happy but also tiring moments, so having a company that takes care of the transportation of the bride and groom is important, so you will not depend on friends or relatives to take you to the ceremony and they will be able to enjoy the ceremony and party with tranquility. Hiring the Toronto Wedding Limo happens to be perfect and easy in this case.

How to choose the company?

Before you choose the car model it is important to research the company that will provide the service, check the suitability of the company and the length of time in the market, etc. When renting a car, it is always good to ask for a contract, as it is the guarantee that the bride and groom have if the vehicle presents problems.

It is ideal to hire 12 months before the wedding, as some models may be reserved. The rental time for the car is usually four hours.

Car color and model

The style of the car should match the bride and groom and the style of the wedding, our suggestion is not to choose the car model just by photo. It is essential to know the car in person to check the cleanliness, upholstery, check tires, the condition of the vehicle and make a test drive if possible.

There are infinities of car colors, the most traditional ones are not black and white color and for the more stripped brides pink, tiffany blue and green are in great demand.


The bride and groom must have decided the style of their wedding before choosing the car, as everything must be in line with the bride’s decor and dress.

Some companies provide vehicle decoration services for the bride and groom, such as special plaques with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date, and some cars can be decorated with balloons, flowers, ribbons etc.


The choice will depend on the budget that the couple intends to invest to fulfill their dream. Rental companies offer different types of packages and plans to be available to the bride and groom.It is important to analyze all costs in relation to the contracted service, such as period, reserve car, on-board service, insurance, if the car is already fueled and includes a uniformed driver.

Driver / Chauffeur

The driver / chauffeur is at the disposal of the bride and groom, but the bride must inform the contracted company, the place where the ceremony will be held and the location of the party, it is important that the driver knows the route well so that there is no unforeseen event such as traffic. punctuality is a rule.The driver must have knowledge of all the procedures, from where to pick up the bride, the arrival at the church, the moment the vehicle door is opened, where to park the car for the bride and groom’s departure, the moment of the bride’s photos and footage, etc.