Are you planning a school trip? Then Japan is a wonderful country to take your students. The country has a rich culture and has a long history, natural landscapes, and a dynamic atmosphere. The country is popular for field trips and is the land of the rising sun. The students, while visiting this country, will be able to gather several learning opportunities. The students can undertake various activities that can enhance the personal skill of the students. In summer, the perfect hot weather is ideal for sports-related to water. Similarly, in winter, the students can participate in ski and winter sports. The country is famous for its scenic beauty and sightseeing. 

Experience a different culture

When the japan student tours visit this place, they will be able to experience a different culture, which will make them aware of respecting all the cultures. The students will come to know about the etiquette that is most prevalent in the country. The students can be nice and polite to the people they meet so that any misstep can save them. There are no garbage cans in this country, and you will not be able to litter; therefore, you can carry the food wrapper in your pocket and dispose of it coming back to the hotel. You cannot leave your shoes anywhere you like, which is a strict no-no for this place’s people.


The Land of the Rising Sun has a very low crime rate; therefore, you can be sure of your safety. It is popular as one of the safest places for tourists. But apart from that, you must yourself be careful and make smart moves whenever required. When it comes to using ATM, always look before you swipe your card due to the increasing credit card frauds, you can avoid shabby looking ATM outlets from swiping. Keep a clear head whenever you are in a night club. This land experiences fewer natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes, so you are safe from all that. And whenever you are out, always carry few contact numbers such as police, ambulance, fire, and hotel address.