There are many outdoor activities but hiking is the top outdoor activity. Hiking is the best way to explore the nature with your friends and family. But you should take some safety measures to protect yourself from harmful things. After some research, we found that most of the people get skin problems after these kinds of outdoor activities. So, we have rounded up the best sun creams as these creams protect your skin and face from harmful ultraviolet radiations. As the intensity of UV rays increases with altitude. It is necessary to apply sun cream every 60 minutes to protect your skin from unnecessary sweat and irritation. These little things can increase the fun of your vacations. So, in order to spend your holidays on a hiking resort, catch the latest Ski Dubai offers. Use these offers and get an insane discount on travelling and hiking. Search online and avail these offers.

What to look before buying any sun cream?

In childhood, most of us have oily sun cream which left us gluey and white. But in 2020, there are multiples of good sun-creams offered in the bazaar. Before purchasing any cream for hiking, check the cream is not oily or greasy and protects from dangerous UV rays. Here is the list of some best sun creams for hiking:

Anthelios 60 (Melt-in Sunscreen Milk):

This sun cream is best for those with oily skin and it provides both quantity and quality. The cream has a soft fluid formula which will suit even those who dislike applying sun cream. It is necessary to reapply it at least every 2 hours. Take advantage of these sun creams and the latest ski dubai offers to visit beautiful hiking resorts in the world. These offers won’t break your budget and give discounts on tickets.

Ideal Soleil 60 Sunscreen:

The major use of this cream is that it is best for those who have dry skin. This cream has slightly thicker viscosity and created with natural ingredients. The main quality of this cream is that it is water-resistant that is why worth buying. Just remember, reapply Soleil cream more frequently.

Jason Sun Cream (Mineral Sunscreen):

Jason sunscreen only employs physical sun-filters instead of chemical ones. It is the most recommended sun cream for those suffering with skin allergies and sensitive skin issues. It includes zinc oxide which helps to remove dark skin cells and gives a smooth white skin.

EltaMd Ultraviolet Sunscreen:

Like other sunscreens, this EltaMd Ultraviolet Sunscreen also protects from sweating and UVA and UVB rays. But the best thing about this cream is that it also fights against oily skin and acne issues. It is a combination of zinc oxide and octinoxate sun-filters. If you are going on a hiking remember two things, one is EltaMd Ultraviolet Sunscreen and second ski dubai offers. Check online today and collect this offer and start travelling around the globe. Travelers who save money to organize the world tour should consider this offer.