The green and pleasant land. England!

The place that has been an inspiration for poets, writers, and painters. Britain with beauty in ways that cleanses a soul. Although, Britain is hard to cover on a single trip unless you’ve already been around. However, there are 7 of the prettiest places that are a must to visit in Britain and for more travel info visit the Tily Travels blog.

1)    LONDON

A fascinating city.

The lightings of London are so mesmerizing which if a historical pave of centuries.Filled with museums, art galleries, beautiful parks, and whatnot. It’s like a hub for every kind of person.


The charming and quaint.

The Cornwall in the western point of the UK offers cliff looks and rocky adventures.  The sea on its north side and lavishing beaches with a cliffy scene fills a soul with beauty and positivity. A land surrounded by sea was once a place for pirates also.


Mountain ranges!

The highest peak with a cup of hot chocolate and breezy winds. The Scottish Highlands are known for amazing land peaks. Home to incredible castles. It is also known as the home of our most mysterious mythical creature, Loch ness monster.


One of the most famous sites in the world.

None can forget Stonehenge. And, if you are visiting Britain. This has to be a stop. Stonehenge was built in three stages, extremely historical. The one monuments covering numerous more. With no reasons why it was created, Stonehenge remains a mystery.

5)    BATH

The ancient Roman spa!

Some of the stunning features from Roman times. The roman baths themselves are some next-level energy. A historical yet creative bath of Romans. It let you study more about roman bath and ways. It will surprise you!


Second largest national park inthe UK.

Lake District is an inspiration. Art of nature that is beautified with tranquil lakes, hills, and mountains. A whole heap of tiny villages to explore. England’s premium destination for hiking and climbing.


The glorious honey-colored town!

The 21st century of another era. The area of vibrant festivals, galleries, and people with warmest hearts. It’s like you just belong here. Lambs with wild daffodils and lower-priced hotels add up to the value and beauty of this place. The belonging feels and historical yet surprising location in the UK is just AMAZING.