Life is too short and fleeting to waste your opportunities to have fun when they present themselves. You owe it to yourself to live your life to the fullest and make sure that every moment counts. So stop trying to take life seriously and let go for once. You might surprise yourself with how fun it can be to just be.

You weren’t born to wake up, go to work, and sleep, only to repeat the same mundane routine for the rest of your fleeting life. Understandably, not everyone has the privilege to just up and at ‘em every time they want to be spontaneous or adventurous because they have responsibilities weighing on their shoulders.

But that doesn’t mean you should spend your entire life finding ways to earn money. To live a good life, you must allow yourself to spend your money on experiences that you enjoy. Besides, chasing after your own adventures won’t mean you’re abandoning your responsibilities.

The key to your dilemma is finding the right balance because giving too much or too little is never the answer. You need the balance to make sure that you’re actually living—not merely existing—and still be able to hold up your end of the bargain when it comes to your responsibilities. That said, here are four adventures that you must absolutely experience first-hand:

Seeing the Glaciers and Icebergs

You can’t go through life without seeing real glaciers and icebergs at least once. The pictures don’t do justice to the actual scenery, which is why you need to add this to your bucket list. So, on your next vacation, consider booking a trip to the fishing resorts in Alaska and take part in the intimate wildlife adventure.

This way, you can get a tour of the waterfalls, glaciers, and icebergs as you attempt catching salmon or halibut on the guided fishing adventure. Plus, you might even get to witness humpback whales if you’re lucky. And since it’s freezing there, there’s a big possibility that you’ll see the aurora borealis before you head back home.

Watching the Sunrise at a Summit

If you’re fond of watching the sunrise and set on the horizon, then you can’t miss out on the chance to wake up to it while you’re on top of a summit. This could be a good chance to put your camping and hiking skills to the test. This is because you’ll have to hike for a few hours to reach your site.

Then, once you’ve found the best spot, you can finally pitch your tent and make a bonfire. The best part of the trip will be the morning after because you can watch the sky brighten up as the sun rises over the mountains. With this bucket list idea, you can cross off three things at once: camping, hiking, and watching the sunrise.

Jumping off a Plane to Skydive

Many action films begin with the protagonists jumping off a plane, which is why it’s unsurprising that many people want to try it out for themselves too. If you want to experience the thrill of a lifetime, consider adding skydiving to your bucket list so you can be the main character in your own action movie.

Just imagine being able to free fall from thousands of feet in the air and allowing gravity to do its job. But of course, you’ll need to remember when to pull on your parachute because otherwise, you will no longer be able to complete your adventure bucket list.

Swimming with the Sharks

You may think that your life will be complete even without seeing real-life sharks up close, but you should consider adding cage diving to your bucket list. Countless movies have shown the worst-case scenarios when cage diving, and it has managed to scare off most people, but it’s still worth a try.

This thrill of a lifetime might just be what you need to spice up your life, and it’s actually safer than what most movies have led you to believe. In reality, sharks don’t attack people unless they’re provoked, so you needn’t be scared of a few sharks in their natural habitat. Just make sure to keep your fingers inside the bars because you can never be too careful.

Don’t waste your life away when you could be off chasing adventures beyond your wildest dreams. Even the mere act of creating a bucket list can motivate you to look forward to the future instead of just going through the motions. Remember, you deserve to have all the adventures you can have and more.