Malta, with its beautiful beaches and cinematic landscape, is the ideal summer vacation location for people who like the heat and long days in the sunshine. The archipelago of Malta, which is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, combines a beautiful coastline packed with distinct beaches with ancient monuments that bear witness to various historical events.

Choosing the Best Of Malta

Malta, with its beautiful beaches and cinematic backgrounds, is the ideal summer vacation location for anybody who enjoys summer and high temperatures in the Mediterranean.

Combine an exquisite coastline with unique beaches and locations that contain remnants of different historical periods, the Malta archipelago, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea, is as beautiful and enchanting as Europe’s most popular summer destinations such as the hot Ibiza or the trendy Mykonos, and it is a must-see for anyone travelling to Europe this summer.

Malta is a diverse nation that encompasses 316 square kilometers (an area five times smaller than the city of So Paulo) and has a range of natural attractions and architectural monuments that give the feeling that we are seeing a new country at each tourist site we visit. An optimum length of stay for a first visit to the archipelago is five full days in order to explore all of the major attractions of Malta, which are mentioned below.

The Blue Lagoon is a popular tourist destination

Rarely will you come across a beach with water as crystal-clear as the one found in Blue Lagoon, which is situated on the island of Comino. It is necessary to get to the Blue Lagoon by boat, which departs from the port of Cirkewa in Malta and costs 10 euros for the round journey.

More than just a place for sunbathing and cooling off in the cold waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Blue Lagoon is a great destination for those who enjoy hiking, cave exploration on boat trips, and snorkelling, which is nothing more than diving into shallow water. Blue Lagoon is a great place for families with children. The best scenario is to spend the whole day here and take advantage of all the area has to offer. The Blue Lagoon is typically crowded during peak season, but it is still well worth the trip. Also for the charter trip you can choose

Gozo is a small island off the coast of Malta

The Island of Gozo represents a distinct chapter in the history of Malta and needs particular consideration. When visiting here, it’s worth coming extra early and hopping on one of those HipOn HipOff buses (on which passengers may get on and off as many times as they like) to get out at the many tourist attractions and take your time exploring each one of them.


A cluster of calm and nearly noiseless alleyways, Mdina, Malta’s capital and largest city, is known as the “city of silence” since it is located in the heart of Malta. The palaces and churches of this hamlet, which has retained much of its mediaeval character, are the major attractions. Because So Paulo is said to have been imprisoned at Mdina, the city receives a large number of religious pilgrims. In addition, the city has used as a setting for films and television shows such as Game of Thrones.